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A Regency Cinderella Story
(The Governess Trilogy, Book One)

Can Prudence find her forever home…?


1795, England


Miss Prudence Hursley, orphaned from a young age, has grown up at the Paddington Charitable Seminary for Indigent Young Ladies. Primed for service, she is now ready to take up a position as a governess.


Full of trepidation as she takes the stagecoach to meet her employer at Rookham Hall, Prudence is sad to be leaving Nell and Kitty – her childhood friends who have replaced the family she lost and become like sisters to her.


Prudence has been given a temporary position by Mr Julius Rookham to teach – or tame – his two young wards, who have so far had an unconventional upbringing.


But when Prudence meets Julius she finds his changeable moods disconcerting. And it will take more than a little patience to turn the two unruly girls into refined young women, ready to enter society.


With her future hanging in the balance, can Prudence make herself invaluable enough to secure a permanent position?


And can Nell and Kitty advise her on how to handle the mysterious Mr Rookham…?

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