His Auction Prize
Brides by Chance Regency Adventures Book 8

At a mock auction, cynical Raoul, Lord Lynchmere, wins orphan Felicity Temple's company. To her horror, by the end of the night she finds her guardian has abandoned her.

Disaster and the Duke
Brides by Chance Regency Adventures Book 9
While out gathering wildflowers, accident prone Henrietta Latimer stumbles across Theo Devenal, the new Duke of Charlton. With the duke’s sardonic humour and Hetty’s sensibility, sparks fly and an impossible attraction blossoms. 

Taming the Vulture

Brides by Chance Regency Adventures Book 10

On the brink of literary success, Silvetre Latimer meets poet Gausselin Degarre, talented but embittered. His honesty and dark humour attracts. Her wit and outspokenness win his respect, but he is determined to shun romance.

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Fated Folly


Clare’s mischievous adventures land her in a marriage of convenience to the dynamic older man with whom she’s in love. A poignant tale of the ogre and the minx.


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