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Here you will find news of upcoming books, plans and news about what I'm doing. You can also join my newsletter if you'd like to hear personally about what's in the pipeline, sales, special promotions and anything else I hope might be of interest to readers.

2023 Where are we now?


The Covid years proved something of a boon for publishing. With nothing to do, people were craving entertainment and books did well. As for us writers, once concentration improved, we all kept at it and I am pleased to say a great deal happened and is still ongoing.

In April 2021 THE DAGGER DANCE appeared, the seventh adventure for Lady Fan, where I was at last able to tell the story of Hemp and his lost love, Dorote. In April 2022 THE UNWANTED CORPSE was released. Then as the year ended on 30th December, out came THE VENGEANCE TRAIL. And now the tenth Lady Fan adventure, THE HANGING CHEAT has come out.

In December of 2020, Sapere brought out three more Brides by Chance Regency Adventures, MARRIAGE FOR MUSIC, when Lily compounds for a piano in a convenient marriage to save Vince; DAMSEL TO THE RESCUE, where Delia snares her "Prince" in the person of fugitive Giff in a wild adventure; and WIDOW IN MISTLETOE, in which Lance loses his memory and is rescued by widow Chloe whom he mistakes for his dead fiance.

If that was not enough, June of 2021 saw the launch of the last three in the Brides by Chance series: HIS AUCTION PRIZE, where Felicity is won for the evening by cynical Raoul; DISASTER AND THE DUKE, which throws Hetty's wildflower gathering into disarray when she meets the new sardonic duke, Theo; and finally TAMING THE VULTURE, which features Hetty's twin Silvestre, on the brink of literary success, who becomes fascinated by brooding poet, Gausselin (or Joss to his intimates).

My independent publishing followed THE COUNT'S CHARADE with A TRACE OF MEMORY, another lost memory tale involving the beautiful Elaine and suspicious Charles who is not quite sure whether he is being tricked. And in September 2021, THE VEILED BRIDE  came out, a convenient marriage story with a lot of angst. Followed in 2022 by MISFIT MAID, a romp with a most unlikely pairing.

Sapere Books have republished my backlist book AN ARDENT FRIENDSHIP which followed JUST DESERTS. There will be more books moving across to Sapere in the future.

I remember a long time ago that I read a simple sentence in a book I was studying which resonated with me and made me realise my true metier. "A writer writes."

How simple, but how true.


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The Chocolate House Anthology


I was invited to take part in an anthology of Regency short stories set around the Masqueraders' Chocolate House in Bath. As the project was for charity, I was delighted to participate. The result is a diverse selection of six enjoyable stories. Mine is a short Regency which became a precursor to the Brides by Chance series. 




Upcoming Books


The Lady Fan series with Sapere Books is moving along well. We now have the tenth book out and there are no plans to stop there. A new historical romance came out in the summer and there are plans for more to come next year. To hear more, and keep abreast of what's happening, take a look at the Lady Fan Mystery page or join my Readers' Group.

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