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Brides by Chance Regency Adventures

A series of Regency romances in the tradition of Cinderella, reissued by Sapere Books. 
The stories follow one another but may be read out of sequence without spoiling the reader experience.
Here we have those women who could never hope to marry. Orphans, poor relations with no dowry, no social expectations. Existing in genteel poverty, or living on the bounty of others. Their stories are all different. We have adventure, scandal, suspense,  romps, runaways, mysterious fugitives and vanishing memories. Bucket loads of romance with heroines destined far beyond their wildest dreams.
Taming the Vulture 500.jpg
Taming the Vulture


An independent young woman becomes fascinated with a brooding poet…

Winter 1806, England


Headstrong and intelligent, Silvestre Latimer is determined to devote herself to writing and has no interest in finding a husband.
Having just sold her first novel and on the brink of literary success, Silvestre is soon mixing with London’s most celebrated authors. Among them she meets Gausselin Degarre — a talented but embittered poet who has grown weary of the pretentious literati.
Despite his standoffish manner and vulture-like appearance, Silvestre admires Gausselin’s honesty and dark humour. In turn, she quickly wins his respect with her wit and outspoken attitude.
When a twist of fate throws the two into closer proximity, they find themselves increasingly drawn to one another. And though Gausselin seems determined to shun romance, Silvestre soon feels her fascination blossoming into something more…

Taming the Vulture
Disaster and the Duke 500.jpg
Disaster and the Duke


Sparks fly between an accident-prone young woman and a sardonic duke…

Summer 1806, England


With her father disinherited, young Hetty Latimer has been left without a dowry. Having given up hope of ever marrying, she spends her days secretly creating pictures to help supplement her family’s income.
While out gathering wildflowers for her project, she stumbles across Theo Devenal, the new Duke of Charlton. With the duke’s sardonic humour and Hetty’s sensibility, sparks immediately fly and a mutual attraction blossoms. However, disaster strikes when the two are caught in an apparently compromising position by Hetty’s furious father.
Unwilling to exacerbate his wrath, Theo and Hetty do their best to avoid each other, but their paths continue to cross. And each time, Theo is obliged to rescue the accident-prone Hetty from trouble.
Although conscious that he is expected to marry high, the duke soon finds his feelings for Hetty intensifying. Chafing against the strictures of his exalted position, he now must decide whether he is prepared to flout convention and follow his heart…

Disaster and the Duke
His Auction Prize 500.jpg
His Auction Prize


Can Felicity uncover the secrets of her past?

Spring 1806, England

Orphaned and with little inheritance, for years Felicity Temple has earned her keep as a schoolmistress at an academy for young ladies and has never mixed with the Ton.
However, when she is taken out of the academy by her guardian — the devious Lord Maskery — Felicity is thrust into respectable society with little preparation.
At her first party, the cynical Raoul, Lord Lynchmere wins Felicity’s company for the evening in a mock auction. But to her horror, by the end of the night it becomes apparent that her guardian has abandoned her.
Destitute and with no memories of any family besides her deceased father, Felicity is forced to turn to Raoul for aid.
Concerned for her welfare, Raoul vows to help Felicity out of her predicament and discover what has become of her guardian.
But it soon becomes clear that there is more to Felicity’s background than meets the eye. Their curiosity piqued, she and Raoul are drawn into an impromptu quest to uncover the truth about her mysterious origins…

His Auction Prize
Widow in Mistletoe


Can a kind-hearted widow help bring peace to a grief-stricken earl?

Winter 1805, England

Following the death of her husband, young Chloe Quilter has retired to the countryside.
But her peaceful existence is disturbed when Lance, Lord Pettipher, crashes his curricle near her home, losing his memory in the process.
Determined to nurse him back to health, Chloe takes him in. However, in his confusion, Lance mistakes her for his long-dead betrothed.
Horrified, Chloe tries to help him regain his true memories. And as their bond strengthens, she begins to wonder whether she can help heal the wounds of his past…

Widow in Mistletoe 500.jpg
Widow in Mistletoe
Damsel to the Rescue

Delia must put her courage — and her heart — to the test…

1805, Weymouth, England

After four years on the marriage mart, Delia Burloyne despairs of ever meeting her match and believes she has a dull future ahead of her.
But when her coach is held up by armed men, she is thrust into a dangerous adventure.
After running into the forest to hide, Delia stumbles across Giffard Gaunt — a long-lost earl who has been usurped and now fears for his life.
On hearing his tale, she soon becomes embroiled in his quest to reclaim his rightful inheritance.
But faced with Giff’s reckless nature and roguish charm, Delia begins to think she has taken on more than she can handle…

Damsel to the Rescue 500.jpg
Damsel to the Recue
Marriage for Music
Marriage For Music 500.jpg
Marriage for Music

Lily has caught the eye of the most ineligible man in London…

1805, England

Reliant on the protection of a demanding distant relative, Lily Daubney has resigned herself to a life of drudgery.
However, when she crosses paths with Vincent, Lord Wintringham — a dashing earl with an unsavoury reputation — she is given a chance to change her fate.
Threatened with losing his inheritance if he fails to find a wife, Vincent offers Lily a marriage of convenience.
Despite her misgivings, she accepts — on the condition that he allows her to devote her life to music.
But as Lily begins to see a kinder side to the wayward earl, she soon wonders whether their hasty bargain could blossom into something more…

A Winter's Madcap Escapade
A Winter's Madcap Escapade X 500.jpg
A Winter's Madcap Escapade

Can a daring young girl take control of her future?

1804, England

Alexander, Lord Dymond’s life is thrown into chaos when he finds young Appoline Greenaway hiding in his coach.
Having lost her father, Apple is on the run from her scheming cousins, who are determined to cheat her out of her inheritance before she comes of age.
But Apple is not all that she seems. Her inheritance is tied up in a mysterious trust — and no one knows who set it up.
As Alex and Apple grow closer it becomes apparent that he has taken on more than he bargained for…

Knight for a Lady
Knight for a Lady X 500.jpg
Knight for a Lady

Can a seasoned army colonel become a gallant lord?

1804, England

After unexpectedly inheriting an earldom, Colonel Niall Lowrie must manage his neglected estates while learning gentlemanly conduct.
However, he is soon longing for the freedom and adventure of his old army life.
Niall’s boredom subsides when he meets the witty and intriguing Edith Westacott, the vicar’s niece. Newly arrived from Bath, she feels suffocated by village life and strives for independence.
But it seems that Edith has been followed by a sinister figure from her past. With her future in turmoil, she turns to Niall for help…
Can Niall shoulder his new responsibilities? Can Edith move forward with her new life? 
Or will both become trapped by the darkness of the past?

A Chance Gone By
A Chance Gone By x 500.jpg
A Chance Gone By

Will Marianne ever be able to confess the secrets of her heart…?

1803, England

Marianne Timperley has been in love with Justin Crail for as long as she can remember.
But he is heir to an earldom, and she had been taken in charitably by his family at Purford Park – with no dowry and no title.
Justin promised his late father he would wed Lady Selina Wilkhaven, the most eligible daughter of the Earl and Countess of Sessay.
And Marianne now feels she must end their close friendship to protect her heart.
When disaster strikes, Justin seeks the support of his most trusted confidant. But to his dismay, he finds Marianne cold and distant.
Can Justin and Marianne rekindle their friendship? Will either fulfil their hearts’ desire?
Or will they find their chance for love has gone by?

In Honour Bound
In Honour Bound
In Honour Bound


Can a free-spirited tomboy learn to fit in with respectable society…?

1799, Suffolk

When her father dies in battle, seventeen-year-old Isolde Cavanagh is forced to rely on the protection of an old family friend.
But when she arrives at the imposing estate of Bawdsey Grange it seems her would-be guardian has died.
And his son Richard de Baudresey has never heard of her.
To remain at the Grange, Richard insists Isolde learns to fit in with high society.
But having grown up in military camps, tomboy Isolde has no interest in becoming a lady.
Can Isolde bend her will to please her guardian? Will Richard learn to accept her as she is?
Or will the dark secrets bubbling below the surface threaten their growing bond?

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