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Edgy and Paranormal Romance


A ghost romance that brings the real Macbeth back from the dead to challenge Shakespeare's villainous version of his life; a layered tale of three women, separated by time, yet with their lives entwined through a recurring tragic theme; a fast-paced novella of suspense, entrapping a woman in a web of secrets and lies.
Silence of a Stranger
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Silence of a Stranger


Is Bea’s life more at risk than her disobedient heart?


Secrets, danger and an enigmatic stranger.


Her car broken down, Bea Russell goes for help and walks straight into hell. Three armed men and no answers. Held captive, strip searched, her dignity in shreds, Bea is horrified when she responds to the attraction of the man who grabbed her out of the dark.

Who is the fugitive Rad? Escaped rapist or spy? No one will talk. Yet Bea is forced to share the danger, fleeing across rough fields in the deep night hours. At a deserted house by the sea, she looks fate in the eye. One wrong move could change her life forever.


A fast-paced twentieth century romantic suspense novella.


For One More Tomorrow
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For One More Tomorrow


A lonely woman. A phantom, real or imagined. Is love impossible?


He is long dead, yet driven by his quarrel with Shakespeare’s version of his life.

Sadie, directing the play, thinks she must be going mad. Is he the real Macbeth? Or does she conjure him because she can’t lure the performance she wants out of the actor?

The more she is captivated, the more her direction falls apart. The cast grow restive and disgruntled. Sadie’s contract is in jeopardy. She must choose. The play or “Mac”. But the ghost won’t go quietly and a nightmare encounter brings disaster.


Will the line between life and death keep Sadie and Mac forever divided?

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Fly the Wild Echoes


Fliss, actress, haunted by nightmare images.

Edana, faded star, lost in the mists of time.

Adelaide, 18th century aristocrat, prey to a doomed love


Romance, intrigue and murder in a mystery of the mind. Three lives intertwined by a tragic event. Haunting shadows, dread and a search for answers at a chateau retreat.


What is the link between Fliss’s dead lover and the bullet hole of her recurring nightmare? Why is she drawn to the mysterious allure of the rose garden? Why does Edana stand and stare from the window? And who is the strange Adelaide?


Therapist Gérard must guide Fliss through the mire despite the growing attraction between them and the escalating shocks of the truth.




Fly the Wild Echoes
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