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Romantic Short Stories


A masterful desert chieftain, a wise-cracking detective in the twenties or a swashbuckling Tudor lord - heroes to delight you and for heroines to fall in love with. Or stay in our time with guys to tantalise and tease. Crossing time and history in a collection of short reads.
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Mad, Bad and Dangerous
An infuriating man. A straight-talking woman. Sparks fly. Will they catch alight?

Covering an exhibition, journalist Regina Templeton is shocked to find herself under siege by the arrogant artist himself. She counters with a brush-off but Dominic de Lacey is not above using subterfuge to get his own way. Will Regina escape his wiles before her heart succumbs to Dominic’s crazy charm?

Mad, Bad and Dangerous
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Out of the Desert Sands


Captured by brigands. Sold as a slave.


Venturing into the Arabian desert in search of her fiancé, Millicent’s quest turns to nightmare when the caravan is attacked. Yet the marauding villains stop short of killing an Englishwoman, a prize worth keeping. Or is death preferable to the fate that now awaits her?


Can Millicent hope for mercy from Jaffar, the cultured and charismatic brigand chief?

Out of the Desert Sands
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To Catch a Thief


Accused of theft and facing the sack.

Can the infuriating Kenton Lane save Valerie from the machinations of her scheming Cousin Bianca? Or will she be driven nuts by his maddeningly teasing remarks?

A frothy short detective story set in the twenties.

To Catch a Thief
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Heartbreak Holiday


Can art and culture make up for a broken heart?


Stephanie came to Florence for the art, and bumped into love instead. A few heady days in that romantic city, before it all falls apart.

Will she allow Crispin to explain? Or are the wounds too deep to heal?

Heartbreak Holiday
fateful (1) 500.jpg
A Fateful Connection


A woman betrayed. Reduced to earning her bread. Bereft of hope.

Clarice arrives in Bath to find her services rejected. A stranger insists on coming to her rescue. A French émigré, he recognises her loneliness, poverty and despair.

Gervais finds her a post. But an introduction has a startling effect, reviving the hideous past.

All is set at risk. Will the growing friendship survive?

A Fateful Connection
matter of time x500.jpg
A Matter of Time


A ghostly voice flips time. A dangerous chase ensues. And all for a ruby necklace.

Visiting a historic mansion unexpectedly plays havoc with Meriel’s mind and heart.

Flung into the distant past, she struggles with confusion and a dawning, impossible attraction. Can she help Nicholas save the Presteigne heirloom? Or will the devilish machinations of Avoline and her ambitious lover prevail?

Did the adventure really happen? Or is it a dream of moonlight?

A Matter of Time
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