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Regency and Georgian Romance

Traditional historical romances set in the Georgian and Regency eras. Stories of adventure, intrigue or mystery, darkness and light, comedic romps and the violent or gentle travails of the human heart. This is a time when fashion and custom dictated the rules, social position was all important and a fall from grace meant exile. Treading the pages, a selection of courageous ladies and alluring gentlemen, all too vulnerable to the piercing of Cupid's malicious dart. There is passion, but we do not intrude into the private activities of the bedchamber.
An Ardent Friendship


Will Timothia and Leo ever discover their true feelings…?

1796, England

After losing her father, Timothia Dulverton has settled down in a small residence on his estate. Fiercely independent but with limited means, she spends her days horse riding and managing her household.

Her quiet existence is thrown into turmoil when her cousin and lifelong friend, Leo Wetheral, proposes marriage. Knowing of her talent for estate management, Leo believes that the match will be mutually advantageous.

However, Timothia takes his passionless proposal as an insult to their close friendship. Furious, she turns down Leo’s offer and threatens to sever their bond altogether.

But when providence throws the seething pair into close proximity once more, Timothia and Leo find that they must put their differences aside. And as their easy intimacy starts to return, both begin to question what really lies in their hearts…

ardent friendship 500.jpg
An Ardent Frienship
Misfit Maid


Starlight and eccentricity. A disastrous combination.


Heiress Lady Mary Hope has one goal – a complacent husband who won’t interfere with her studies. To sponsor her debut she selects Laurence, Viscount Delagarde, who proves at first recalcitrant.


Wrenched from his customary lifestyle, Laurie plunges into squiring an unconventional, pert and infuriating female through the social shoals. Maidie’s forceful complaints of his interference go unheeded, for Laurie dare not risk his reputation to her odd behaviour.


When news of Maidie’s fortune leaks out, her peculiar methods for securing a spouse lead Laurie from one ghastly debacle to another.


Will Maidie achieve her tame marriage? Or could the sparks flying between the pair sparkle like starlight?

Misfit Maid
Misfit Maid
veiled bride front 500.jpg
The Veiled Bride


A shocking discovery at the altar. Wedded to a smouldering recluse.


Desperate for a refuge, Rosina answers an advertisement for a wife. The temptation proves irresistible, plunging her into a worse predicament.

Anton, Lord Raith, believes no woman can bear his disfigurement. But his inheritance requires him to marry. He did not bargain for the waif who drops into his heart. Nor for the agony of doubt about her secretive history.

Beset by unexpected yearning, plagued by Raith’s suspicions, Rosina struggles to keep faith with her vows. Yet truth will out. The arrival of her Nemesis destroys all hope of a happy outcome.


Can Raith learn to trust? Will Rosina escape her nightmare past to secure a loving future by his side?

The Veiled Bride
A Trace of Memory


Alone in an alien forest, her memory gone. What if rescue only makes things worse?


The girl wakes, in unremembered surroundings, to find she is injured, her gown dirtied and torn. What happened to bring her to this is a mystery. Moreover, she does not know who she is.

Finding a damsel in distress in his grounds, the Earl of Wytham is prompt to the rescue. Yet Charles cannot rid himself of the suspicion this is one more ploy to inveigle him into matrimony.

As Elaine – called so for want of any other name – recovers snatches of her past, questions mount. Is she married or merely a mistress? Why has no one come to claim her? Convinced she is not free, Elaine dare not give in to her heart.


Can Charles overcome his doubts and indulge his growing attraction to Elaine? Or will the truth arrive too late?

trace front 500.jpg
A Trace of Memory
counts charade front 500.jpg
The Count's Charade


A shot across the marshes heard by a lone, disabled woman.


The Frenchman in Grace’s lean-to is at death’s door. An enemy spy? Who are the men who seek him? What secrets lie in the papers Henri entrusts to her charge?


Living alone but for her faithful maid, Grace’s reputation is at stake. But Henri’s safety comes first. If he is to have a chance, she must hold the authorities at bay.


Barely has he recovered when his pursuers come calling. Pitting those who would interfere one against the other, Grace risks all to keep her Frenchman alive.


Will the truth emerge before Henri’s enemies manage to silence him forever?

Mademoiselle at Arms


Secretive, mysterious, beautiful – and armed to the teeth. How can she be in danger?


In a deserted mansion with a secret passage, Mademoiselle is searching. But for what? Gerald wants to know. She will not tell him. She is determined to play her game alone and refuses to be rescued.

Who is she? Why does she disguise herself as a nun? What is her connection to the émigré Valade? Can Gerald find out before Mademoiselle gets herself killed?

A Fragile Mask
fragile mask front.jpg
A Fragile Mask


Cold as ice or warm as honey? A snow maiden impervious to his charm.


Denzell Hawkeridge sees her from the window, beautiful and animated. When he meets mysterious Verena Chaceley, she is a polite statue. Provoked and intrigued, flirtatious Denzell sets out to prick the mask. And finds a hidden and poignant vulnerability.


Anxious for her abused mother’s health, terrified the perpetrator will come after them, Verena struggles to stay aloof and heart-free. She dare not drop her guard. Yet is there disappointment when Denzell retires, defeated?


A chance encounter provides an unexpected key, reviving Denzell’s affections. But can he coax Verena out of her ingrained fear of matrimony?

angel touch front 500x400.jpg
An Angel's Touch


She is disastrously outspoken. He is a brooding recluse. Is the clash inevitable?


On route to Tunbridge Wells, Verity Lambourn befriends two lost children. She berates their mentor soundly, having no idea of his true identity. Henry, Marquis of Salmesbury, is brought up short by the girl’s scolding. Buried in gloom, he has neglected his children.


When Verity knocks Henry flying, she realises he has been preying on her mind. Tumbling towards a promising future, Verity must confront the shadows of Henry’s tragic past. Is her love enough to test the truth of a gypsy’s prophecy and bring a marquis back to living life again?


Matters come to a head when the children are kidnapped. Can Verity save them and Henry’s sanity too? Or will a threat to Henry himself prove her breaking point?

An Angel's Touch
The Conqueror's Dilemma
conquerors dilemma front.jpg
The Conqueror's Dilemma


On the edge of social disaster. Impossibly attracted to a leader of fashion.


Floundering in the unfamiliar rules of the Ton, Tiffany Felton is grateful to the sympathetic Conqueror. But her chaperon’s status threatens to undermine a promising friendship. Will blows hot and cold as Tiffany’s affections grow.


Reluctant to endanger his position, William Westerham battles against the allure of Tiffany’s innocence and impish ways.


Dare Will breach the social barriers? Or is Tiffany doomed to yearn for what can never be?

Friday Dreaming
Friday Dreaming


Shattered dreams and broken promises. Caught between love and loyalty.


Friday is bookish and plain, but she has secretly loved her childhood friend for years. The impossible happens when gorgeous Nick proposes, making her dreams come true. Only he isn’t behaving like a man in love.


Disaster strikes when Friday learns Nick was forced into offering for her to save him from an unsuitable liaison. Her happiness in tatters, she breaks off the engagement. Can Friday’s true worth oust the attraction of her rival’s incomparable beauty? And will Nick learn to value what he’s lost before it’s too late?

Friday Dreaming
An Undesirable Liaison
An Undesirable Liaison


A jewel. An abandoned wife. An honest woman.


Florence must find employment. Escaped from one threat, she dives into another when chance throws her into dangerous proximity with the brooding Jerome. Violent attraction puts her at the brink of the abyss she fears most. Is she doomed to repeat her mother’s history?

Freed from a shameful past by his wife’s death, Jerome falls victim to renewed temptation. His mother’s companion? An  impossible liaison. Can he withstand Flo’s allure, when his desire can only mean her ruin?


Scandals past and present unravel in the path of destiny.

An Undesirable Liaison
Fated Folly


He is powerfully male and older. She is a mischievous delight.

Clare beards the ogre in his den, and is instantly smitten with Rupert’s dynamic attraction. Her brother’s elopement ends with Clare compromised. She must marry Rupert’s cousin Ashendon, whom she detests, or Rupert himself. The promise of a radiant future evaporates as fate and Ashendon conspire against her.


Can Clare overcome Rupert’s inner demons to save this uneven and improbable match?

Fated Folly
Just Deserts
just deserts SAPERE 500.jpg
Just Deserts

Has Persephone finally met her match…?

1786, England

Having been raised in Bombay, Persephone Winsford has reluctantly journeyed to London with her family, where they plan to start a new life.

Although she is of marriageable age, Persephone has no interest in entering respectable society and wishes to spend her days horse riding in the countryside. 
When she crosses paths with Baron Christopher Chiddingly — an aspiring racehorse breeder — on a morning ride, sparks immediately fly. Each fierce and passionate, Persephone and Chiddingly soon find themselves arguing whenever they meet.

But when their shared love of horses starts to draw them closer together, a grudging mutual respect gradually replaces their dislike. And as their passionate natures begin to overtake them, both soon wonder whether their stormy acquaintanceship could kindle into something warmer…

Sweet Sacrifice
Sweet Sacrifice
Sweet Sacrifice


A disguised runaway falls into the hands of an unsuspecting rake.

Driven to flight to escape the machinations of her relatives, Clementina is appalled to find herself in worse trouble. Who is this devilishly attractive man? What will he do with her?


Intrigued by the beautiful girl he has captured, Jake takes pains to protect her reputation. But Clementina proves a handful. When her Nemesis turns up, she escapes Jake, only to end up in the enemy’s hands.


Will Jake’s dramatic rescue settle it all? Or will his drastic solution prove worse than the problem?

lady in name front 500x300.jpg
A Lady in Name


All familiarity overturned by a past shrouded in mystery.


Bereft and grieving, Lucy Graydene confronts the author of her unorthodox origins. Instead she finds his heir. The autocratic Stefan Ankerville takes charge of Lucy’s life despite her protests. Adrift in the new earl’s unusual family, Lucy struggles against the venom of a half-sister she did not know existed.


As the secrets of her early life unravel, Lucy has no choice but to rely on Stefan’s help, a danger to her unruly heart. An alliance with the earl is impossible, a respectable future unlikely. Dare a love child hope for any ray of happiness?

A Lady in Name
Seventh Heaven
Seventh Heaven NEW 500.jpg
Seventh Heaven


A wealthy widow. A gold-digging family. Is a clash inevitable…?

1782, England

The recently widowed Lady Louisa Shittlehope has wealth to match her status. And she is not naïve enough to fall prey to fortune hunters. So when the entertaining but disreputable Berowne family start paying her attention, she is not easily won over.

But Septimus Berowne, the seventh child out of ten siblings, begins to charm her. A poet and a deep-thinker, he is a step apart from his flighty siblings. 

As the Berowne family become more embroiled in Louisa’s affairs, she can’t stop herself from feeling affection towards them.

But with mistaken identities and madcap adventures around every corner, will Louisa and Septimus ever reach an understanding?

The Viscount Besieged
The Viscount Besieged 500.jpg
The Viscount Besieged


Will Isadora follow her dreams, or save her family…?


1798, England

Isadora Alvescot has always dreamed of becoming a famous actress on the stage. But when her beloved papa suddenly dies, her family’s future is thrown into turmoil.


With no immediate male heir, the family estate has been bequeathed to a distant relative – a viscount named Lord Roborough.

And now Isadora is being pressured to consider matrimony.


When Lord Roborough arrives, Isadora is desperate to do all she can to find out his intentions and determine whether he is a friend or a foe…


Will he allow her family to remain living on the estate? Will Isadora still be free to pursue her dreams of acting?

Or will she be forced to bend her will to another’s and become someone’s wife?

Hidden Flame
Hidden Flame NEW 500.jpg
Hidden Flame


Could a chance meeting lead to happily ever after…?

1795, England

A cold and stormy March night forces two strangers to take shelter in the same inn.
Benedict Beckenham is immediately captivated by Theda – a beguiling young woman who appears to be in distressed circumstances.

When Theda’s new position as a companion to the wealthy but ailing Lady Merchiston throws her and Benedict together again, the attraction between them in undeniable.

But Theda has been burned in love before and is wary of opening her heart.
And Benedict is hiding secrets of his own.
Will Theda reveal the truth about her past? Is Benedict really who he seems?

And can the hidden flame of love triumph?


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