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It's always difficult to answer that "tell me about yourself" question, isn't it? You either sound dry and dull, or horribly enthusiastic. The truth is, like the heroes and heroines of my stories, I fall somewhere between the two. Life has this tendency to throw you around, and you struggle to stay on top of it, while trying to follow your dreams.


I feel lucky to have found several paths that have given me immense satisfaction - acting, directing, teaching and, by no means least, writing. Through the years, each path has crossed the other, honing and deepening my abilities in each sphere.


I've been privileged to work with some wonderful artistic people, and been fortunate enough to find publishers who believed in me and set me on the road. Now, with the advent of the ebook, I do it myself as well and enjoy the freedom to publish stories that might not otherwise see the light of day. What changeable times we live in!

I am overwhelmed and delighted to have grown a faithful readership for Lady Fan and, as a hybrid author, I feel I have the best of both worlds now - traditional and independent publishing.


None of us make it alone, and it's a joy to me to see other writers bloom and grow, and when I have a hand in their success, it's doubly rewarding. To invent a world and persuade others to believe in it, live in it for a while, is the sole aim of the novelist.


My own love of reading has never abated, and if I can give a tithe of the pleasure to others as I have received myself, it's worth all the effort.


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