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Seventh Heaven


A wealthy widow. A gold-digging family. Is a clash inevitable…?

1782, England

The recently widowed Lady Louisa Shittlehope has wealth to match her status. And she is not naïve enough to fall prey to fortune hunters.

So when the entertaining but disreputable Berowne family start paying her attention, she is not easily won over.

But Septimus Berowne, the seventh child out of ten siblings, begins to charm her. A poet and a deep-thinker, he is a step apart from his flighty siblings.

As the Berowne family become more embroiled in Louisa’s affairs, she can’t stop herself from feeling affection towards them.

But with mistaken identities and madcap adventures around every corner, will Louisa and Septimus ever reach an understanding?

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Fated Folly


Clare’s mischievous adventures land her in a marriage of convenience to the dynamic older man with whom she’s in love. A poignant tale of the ogre and the minx.



-Historical Mystery and Romance-


-Edgy and Paranormal Romance-


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