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Cover Reveal: Brides by Chance Book One

Releasing Sunday 18th September (Now on Pre-Order)

Do you enjoy adventure with your romance? I hope my heroine Isolde will melt readers' hearts… She’s a bit of a tomboy. Not her fault. She’s been brought up more boy than girl by her soldier father. But life has dealt her a bitter blow and Isolde’s future is at risk. What with a nasty mentor and a villainous relative, it’s not going to be an easy ride…

This is the series opener for my new Regency series Brides by Chance, which is now on Pre-Order on all sales channels.


Orphaned. Abandoned in a house of strangers.

Forced into ladylike conduct. Berated for mistakes. Unhappy and lonely, Isolde turns to her guardian for support. Is Richard’s kindness enough?

Struggling with his father’s legacy. Appalled to find his ward related to his worst enemy. Will Richard save Isolde or use her for his own ends?

And what of his jealous sister? Will her vicious machinations prevail?

Destiny may fail both hearts before the spark between them has a chance to catch fire.

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